Here are some charities and organisations who we were lucky enough to meet along the way, and have provided support, donations, and team members to help with the build of the playground we created in La Liniere Refugee Camp in Dunkirk, France.


Care 4 Humanity are a worldwide organisation and our Playgrounds for Peace team were lucky enough to have been put into contact with them.  Their enthusiasm was amazing, and we quickly made plans to make a lot of developments to the playground over 2 weeks.  Care 4 Humanity brought about 8 people to sync with our arrival so we could work on the building work together. Some of their members are famous for making a gym in the jungle in Calais,   it was a pleasure to work alongside them!

Here’s their weblink: Care4Humanity



Aid Works helps organizations in Africa to strengthen their systems and supports local and international development workers to reach their potential.

They have kindly supported ‘Playgrounds for Peace’ by donating to the playground build and setting up a charity xmas card sale…social enterprise style! Instead of selling xmas cards to raise funds for Aid Works, they want to kindly donate £1 to ‘Playgrounds for Peace’ for every Aid Works xmas card that is sent. So if you receive one of these cards (featuring artwork by the newest member of the Aid Works team!, get on Facebook or twitter and tell us about it!

Here’s their weblink: Aidworks Xmas Card Sales


Sheffield Donations for Refugees linked up with us to make use of space in our van, and loaded us up with fantastic, good quality donations to take directly to La Liniere Refugee Camp!  We can’t thank Rosie and the team enough for all the hard work they do – these donations really do make a huge difference.  Please deo some research and find out about your local drop off centre for donations!

If you’re in Sheffield you can drop donations at the Meersbrook Hall, within Meersbrook Park in Heely from 9.30am – 4.00pm weekdays.

They are currently doing a winter collection for the following items below:
Sheffield Donations for Refugees is now asking for warm winter clothes, especially in small and medium adult sizes.
If in doubt, imagine what you would need if you were living on the streets or in poor quality camping accommodation… or get in touch via the Sheffield Donations for Refugees to ask!
Please donate:
– gloves, hats and scarves
– strong, waterproof trainers and boots
– jogging bottoms, waterproof jackets and coats, fleeces, hoodies etc
– new underpants and socks.

We are also always glad to get:
– internet ready mobile phones
– rucksacks
– warm winter sleeping bags and roll mats
– thick fleece / quick dry blankets
– complete small tents in good condition