Big respects to Shakti & all the crew on this.
Help if you can.
More Love

It’s so refreshing to have a positive news outlet in regard to the refugee crisis. I’m going to start sharing your progress (and just giving links) as much as I can – people need to see this so that they can start focusing on positives and be inspired to start helping wherever they can.

Gee, Stu and Rich hard at work as darkness fell, overseen by mini foreman M who kept watch all day on the progress being made on the new drainage ditch being built by the indefatigable trio. With rain falling for days on end and water filling up all around Gee dug stones with her bare hands, determined to get the job finished on time and on budget. Who knew 3 people could turn up and make so much difference in so short a time, with spare moments even, for music and coat hooks and paper aeroplanes. Please help by giving just a few quid to pay for more materials. She deserves it and the kids deserve it and you could make a lot of people happy for next to nothing! Thank you so much Gita, Stu and Rich, from all of us in the no longer sodden Children’s Centre.

For anyone looking for a way to help the refugee crisis, here is a link to some amazing/crazy/inspiring people from Sheffield’s crowdfunding page to raise money to create a safe play area for children in the Dunkirk camp. The slide is now in full use after these guys created a drainage system to stop the flooding there, and any further contributions will go to an area of tarmac so that the kids can play ball games. You wouldn’t have thought it possible to travel to France, buy materials and dig a long drain in 6 days but I saw it happen with my own eyes…! Good luck guys Gee Shakti, Stuart Hutchinson xxx

Sharing this for some support for my friend Gee Shakti. Not so long ago a fire broke out at France’s main refugee camp. People were displaced even further. In the space of weeks my friend has been fund raising to build children a safe environment to play. Not only that but physically took herself to France and made sure everything was created for these children. These children have lost family, parents and most are alone. The grounds was appalling before. Stones everywhere what the children would throw at each other and no drainage so the children were always wet and cold. well NOT ANY MORE! Not only do they have proper drainage but a new SAFE play area so the children have somewhere to be happy and do what they do best. Laugh, play and adventures through imagination. This playground is not just a playground, it’s healing grounds for these children and that is vital. There is still a little more to go yet. But this is what happens when we hear a calling and live life intuitively. Things get done properly around here and we start co-creating.  If there is anyone out there who would like to support my friend there is a crowd funding project up and running. It really doesn’t matter how little we give it all adds up. In a world of duality extremes right up in our faces ready to fall. This is what real work through the heart can do, It creates something in the wake of all the chaos.  Please, if you can chip in and donate something no matter how small this would allow everything to be completed.

well done G. physical manifestation at it’s finest and doing the doing.

I for one, am proud to call you my good friend. from an idea (a calling) and then for this calling to then create real physical manifestations that will help refugee children in huge ways. I recognised your passion for change, the need to bring action and do the doing. The western world has been distracted that much that wars are displacing people and segregating them for we are blindfolded, and kept in this comfortable bubble of distractions that keep us sleeping in this fake bliss. It’s all been designed this way and sometimes we just don’t know what to do. Thank you for some focus.  You have taken co-creation and manifested something that is so fundamentally needed for those children, a safe environment to play. we all know and are familiar with manifestation but it takes just one person who’s love is huge enough to encompass one and ALL to get anything done. Thank you for being that person. To know what you’re good at and then take this to bring aid to our humanity, that is something we can all do. It’s the changes we create that make the real difference. we support you as we recognise all that you are doing in a world that is in a constant state of emergency. Thank you for being you!

We also thank you infinitely for all you do you are a great team Dany from Dunkirk City Hall

I love you.  And I love that you’re doing this. More love, strength and energy to you.

As always, big love… but when I’ve sent this I’m gonna sit for fifteen minute and consciously send you loads more love, to share wth those you meet there x

Hey Just saw your post about Dunkirk just wanna say it sounds amazing all those projects are great! So nice one basically ☺ xx

Aw gee this is amazing, the world needs more people like you! I donated a bit to the giving page, my small contribution…wish I could do more. I’m sure you made a big difference to that little girl and all the others there. They really need kind souls to treat them like human beings, especially the young kids, for their emotional development etc! I saw you’re planning to go back too, wow! So great! Well done! Xx

God bless you sweethearts 🙂 Safe journeys to you and everyone else doing this for those who need our love and support right now. XXX